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SPAR Solutions provides you with a wide range of managed services options from administration and production support to customization and development across the Salesforce platform. We work closely with your team, providing ongoing user support, maintenance, and training to maximize your Salesforce investment and let you focus on your strategic initiatives.


Expert Managed Services to Enhance Your Operations

Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvements

Tailored User Experience
We tailor the user interface and user experience to improve usability and productivity, including modifying layouts, color schemes, and branding to align with your style and preferences.
Seamless Updates
When Salesforce releases their scheduled enhancements 3 times each year, you can count on being up to date, and will never have to worry about your work being interrupted.
Seamless Third-Party Integration
We maintain your integration solutions with external systems and applications through these changes and updates to ensure there is no disruption to your enterprise’s seamless, efficient workflows.
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Training & Adoption

Training & Adoption

Customized Training Materials
We develop customized training materials tailored to your specific use cases, workflows, and business processes.
Ongoing User Training
We offer ongoing user training sessions to ensure clients remain up-to-date with the latest Salesforce features and best practices.
Hands-On Support
We provide hands-on support to help users resolve any issues and answer questions.
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Automation & Optimization

Automation & Optimization

Workflow Automation
We help continuously automate your business processes with custom workflows and approval processes within Salesforce, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity.
Process Analysis and Optimization
SPAR’s process analysis and optimization methods help you with specialized reports and analysis to evaluate areas for optimization that can help streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
Custom Development
We work with you to develop and maintain targeted customizations that align with your business objectives and supercharge processes across marketing, sales, and service functions.
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Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Helpdesk Support
Minimize downtime and ensure peak performance with our customizable helpdesk support, including up to 24/7 support backed by service SLAs. Our experts are always available to quickly resolve any issues, so you can focus on your business without worrying about technical disruptions.
Complex Solution Support
SPAR offers support for the complete range of Salesforce’s complex solutions, including Health Cloud, Field Service, CPQ, as well as custom-developed apps and apps from the AppExchange.
Security and Compliance
Our team is continuously trained on security standards and best practices as well as regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, PCI, etc. to ensure that your Salesforce solutions and integrations remain secure and stay compliant with regulations and industry standards.
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How a trusted partner makes all the difference…

“SPAR helped us define, analyze, and customize within our budget and timeline. Working with SPAR was an absolute pleasure and we were able to launch without a hitch!”

Nina Rosenbladt

Senior Director of Business Analytics at SI-BONE

“SPAR has been a true partner in everything from large development projects to day-to-day management. I could not have led my department without them.”

Melissa Phan

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at NeoGenomics

"SPAR’s actions speak much louder than anything that's written in print… they have proven time and again to be reliable, knowledgeable, and transparent with my entire company… they've empowered me to remain trustworthy and communicate throughout my entire organization."

Dan Wagner

Chief Commercial Officer at Spark Biomedical

“SPAR brings their experience to help us think through the important details. We wouldn’t have been able to grow if not for the processes SPAR has helped us implement.”

Oliver Brouse

Corporate Controller at Earlens

“We had several calls with prospective partners and none of the others seemed to understand our goals and objectives. It was quite apparent that not only did SPAR understand but could relate their understanding back to us. Excellent partner, excellent outcome.”

Joey Len

Enovate Medical


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