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CRM Strategies and Salesforce Roadmaps

At SPAR, we understand that every business is unique. That's why our Salesforce Advisory Services are tailored to fit your needs. We start by understanding your vision and your goals. We then conduct an in-depth analysis of your system and processes. From there, we collaborate with your team to develop a roadmap, streamline your business processes, build use cases for AI, and define a systems architecture, setting you up for long-term success.

Optimizing for Excellence

Crafting Your Blueprint for CRM Success

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

Strategic Roadmapping
We dive deep into your business to custom-tailor a roadmap, ensuring that Salesforce aligns with your strategic objectives, adheres to your budget, and flexibly scales as your business grows.
Business Case Development
Elevate your Salesforce ROI by identifying high-impact strategies tailored specifically to your business model and market dynamics. We focus on actionable insights and precise interventions that transform your Salesforce platform into a powerhouse of efficiency, driving both top-line growth and bottom-line savings.
Designing for Agility
Leverage our deep dive analysis to architect a Salesforce environment that's as agile as it is innovative. By reimagining your workflows and processes through the lens of Salesforce's vast capabilities, we enable your organization to not just adapt to change but to lead it, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
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Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

Health Checks
Our comprehensive health checks assess the current state of your Salesforce environment, identifying potential issues, performance bottlenecks, and areas for improvement. We provide detailed recommendations to optimize your system's stability, security, and efficiency.
Enterprise Strategy
We develop a holistic enterprise strategy that aligns your Salesforce implementation with your overall business objectives. By considering your current IT landscape, data architecture, and integration requirements, we ensure that Salesforce seamlessly fits into your enterprise ecosystem.
Scalability and Flexibility
Our technical architecture services focus on designing a Salesforce environment that can easily scale as your business grows. We implement best practices and design principles that promote flexibility, modularity, and adaptability, enabling you to quickly respond to changing market conditions and customer demands.
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Data & AI

Data & AI

AI Readiness
We assess your organization's readiness for AI adoption by evaluating your data hygiene and integrity. Our team works with you to cleanse, standardize, and enrich your data, ensuring that it is accurate, consistent, and reliable. This solid data foundation is crucial for the successful implementation of AI solutions.
AI Use Cases and Strategy
We collaborate with your team to identify high-impact AI use cases that can drive significant business value. Our experts develop a comprehensive AI strategy that aligns with your business goals, considering factors such as feasibility, scalability, and return on investment.
Data Security
We prioritize data security and privacy in all aspects of our AI and data services. Our team implements robust security measures, including access controls, encryption, and monitoring, to protect your sensitive data. We also ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations and data protection standards.
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Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Change Management
We understand that implementing Salesforce and optimizing your processes can involve significant changes within your organization. Our change management services help you navigate this transition smoothly, focusing on effective communication, training, and user adoption strategies to minimize disruption and maximize the benefits of your Salesforce investment.
Agile Transformation
We help you embrace agile methodologies to improve collaboration, adaptability, and time-to-market. Our team works with you to implement agile practices within your Salesforce development and deployment processes, enabling faster iteration, continuous improvement, and increased responsiveness to customer needs.
DevOps Strategy
We develop a comprehensive DevOps strategy to streamline your Salesforce development, testing, and deployment processes. By automating key tasks, establishing efficient workflows, and promoting collaboration between development and operations teams, we help you deliver high-quality Salesforce solutions faster and with fewer errors.
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“SPAR helped us define, analyze, and customize within our budget and timeline. Working with SPAR was an absolute pleasure and we were able to launch without a hitch!”

Nina Rosenbladt

Senior Director of Business Analytics at SI-BONE

“SPAR has been a true partner in everything from large development projects to day-to-day management. I could not have led my department without them.”

Melissa Phan

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at NeoGenomics

"SPAR’s actions speak much louder than anything that's written in print… they have proven time and again to be reliable, knowledgeable, and transparent with my entire company… they've empowered me to remain trustworthy and communicate throughout my entire organization."

Dan Wagner

Chief Commercial Officer at Spark Biomedical

“SPAR brings their experience to help us think through the important details. We wouldn’t have been able to grow if not for the processes SPAR has helped us implement.”

Oliver Brouse

Corporate Controller at Earlens

“We had several calls with prospective partners and none of the others seemed to understand our goals and objectives. It was quite apparent that not only did SPAR understand but could relate their understanding back to us. Excellent partner, excellent outcome.”

Joey Len

Enovate Medical


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